Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an API?

We do not have a generation API. Since we work with Open Source software, we have whatever folks have created out there. One of those things is the magnificent Photoshop API by Abdullah. See: https://learn.rundiffusion.com/api-and-the-photoshop-plugin/

Do you have a mobile app?

Our service can run on mobile, but is not supported. It is best run on a full browser via desktop or laptop.

What is the "Creator's Club?"

Creator's Club is a subscription that allows user to have 100GB of private high speed storage that is persistent, moving from one server session to the next. It also includes a Discord section, priority support, a great community of users and access to the latest features. With Creator's Club you are able to upload custom models, files, and use extensions, scripts, and so much more. See the Creator's Club page for details.

How do I upload my own files? 

You will need a Creator's Club subscription to get private storage.

Can I do batch img2img?

Yes, all servers are able to do batch img2img. Check out the docs on Batch Img2Img

How can I upload my own LORA, Custom Models, etc?

You will need a Creator's Club subscription to get private storage. Once you have it, check out the Creator's Club documentation, here! 

Can I train a model of my dog, my face, my partner, etc?

Yes, we have Dreambooth available for Creator's Club members. 

Where do I find tutorials?

You can find much content on our Documentation site here, click the logo in the top left to navigate to the main page and search for your subjects. You can also find lots of great content on Youtube, searching for Automatic1111, Lora, Dreambooth, Deforum etc. Just remember to skip the installation part... we do that for you!

What is this error message?

Without context - we may not know! When you ask in the Discord, please post in the #Support or #CC-Support channel, and include details about what you were doing when the error happened, what size server you are using, and any other relevant information (like active extensions, scripts, etc)

What directory do I use when referencing files in the file browser?

The root directory, aka the base directory when you log in to the file browser as "sduser" is written as follows: /mnt/private/
This means any folder you create in that base directory will need the prefix. For example, if you wanted to create a folder called "batchimg" then you would point to that directory by writing

Can I use the latest extension/model/script/???

The RunDiffusion team likes to test things out internally before we roll them out on our servers. This has saved us a number of times from updates that would have broken on our servers. If you have something you would like to see on RunDiffusion, please request it in #Feature-Requests.

In our Creator's Club, you are welcome to try out different extensions, models, and scripts as you please! Note that we may not be able to provide much support on these as they are so new. 

Will you support ComfyUI or Kohya?

We want to support Open Source software whenever we can! We need time to test and roll these things out, so please be patient. Sometimes we have to wait until features have been built to support cloud services, or we may have to build our own features to support the platform. Check #Feature-Requests for the latest.

Can I see the Automatic1111 Logs? 

Logs are available each session in the "Logs" folder, it's a text file that is loaded for that session. It tracks the console updates for StableDiffusion/Automatic1111

Why is ControlNet is not working?

Some browsers like Brave have adblock and security measures that prevent it from working. Either switch browsers or disable the Brave "Shields".

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