Model Merging

Model merging, along with Dreambooth training, is only available for Creator's Club members due to storage requirements.

Automatic1111 enables you to merge multiple models to create hybrid variations. You are able to merge up to three. This feature allows you to create custom looks tailored to your desired style.

  1. Find the “Checkpoint Merger” tab in Automatic1111
  2. Select the base model in the first box, then the merging models in the next boxes.
  3. Set the other parameters.
  4. Multiplier - Set this to 0 and the model in slot (A) will go unchanged. If you set it to 1, then you will only be left with the model in slot (B).
  5. Choose “Weighted Sum” or “Added Difference”. You will have to experiment with these. They both do different things.
  6. Choose if you want a ckpt or a safetensors format. Just choose ckpt if you don’t know the difference.
  7. Leave float16 unchecked unless you know what it does.
  8. Your new model will be available after you Run the merge. Just click the blue refresh button next to the model selection box.
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