Prompt Guide

Prompt Guide
Image created with Juggernaut X

Adam Stewart’s Guide to Crafting Effective Prompts for Juggernaut X & SDXL

Before we dive into this guide, I would like to extend my gratitude to Kandoo for his exceptional dedication to the development of Juggernaut X NSFW + RunDiffusion Photo and Juggernaut X SAFE + RunDiffusion Photo. A heartfelt thank you is also due to RunDiffusion for their significant contributions to RunDiffusion Photo and their collaborative efforts with Team Juggernaut. Additionally, I must acknowledge the generous support of my private sponsor, whose assistance in navigating the complexities of AI has been invaluable. This sponsor has continually encouraged me to craft community guides, enhancing the collective knowledge and skills of our community. This guide, much like our models, is a service aimed at enriching the art creation experience for all, exemplifying the transformative power of decentralized and open-source AI. If you find it helpful please be sure to follow Team Juggernaut, RunDiffusion and me please.


Juggernaut X is tailored for professionals who demand precise control over image generation. This advanced model thrives on detailed, specific prompts, enabling users to meticulously adjust every element to align with their vision. While this guide is written with Juggernaut X in mind the components of a prompt are applicable to other models too. 

Audience: Juggernaut X is ideal for artists, designers, and visual professionals who require control over their image outputs.

Prompting Style: To leverage Juggernaut X's capabilities fully, your prompts should be detailed and specific. Unlike its predecessors, Juggernaut 8 or 9, where general prompts might suffice, Juggernaut X requires explicit, impactful trigger words. This precision ensures the AI comprehends and executes the desired elements of your image accurately.

Juggernaut X Versions (As of 4/27/2024)

Key Trigger Words for Juggernaut X

To optimize image quality and detail, consider incorporating these trigger words into your prompts:

  • Skin Textures: Essential for detailed depictions of human or animal skin.
  • High Resolution: Ensures images are generated with utmost clarity. This token has three versions: “High Resolution”,"High-Resolution" or "High-Resolution Image."
  • Cinematic: Perfect for creating dynamic, narrative-rich images with a film-like quality.

At the end of the Guide is a large list of tokens.

Understanding the Importance of Detailed Prompting

Example Prompt:high-resolution portrait of a Renaissance noblewoman, intricate lace collar, holding an ancient book, dominant colors deep red and gold, style reminiscent of Vermeer's lighting techniques, mood thoughtful, lighting soft, natural window light, perspective close-up, texture rich fabrics and aged paper, cultural elements European Renaissance elegance

Components of a Prompt

Craft each part of your prompt to be direct and descriptive, avoiding unnecessary verbosity:


  • Definition: The primary focus of the image (e.g., person, animal, object).
  • Example: "Renaissance noblewoman", "vampire queen".


  • Definition: Describes what the subject is doing, adding dynamism or narrative.
  • Example: "holding an ancient book".


  • Definition: The background or scene surrounding the subject.
  • Example: "in a dimly lit Gothic castle".


  • Definition: Secondary items that enhance the subject or story.
  • Example: "wearing an intricate lace collar".


  • Definition: Dominant colors or color schemes.
  • Example: "shades of deep red and gold", "monochrome palette with stark contrasts".


  • Definition: The artistic style or method of rendering.
  • Example: "in the style reminiscent of Vermeer's lighting techniques", "emulating a noir film".


  • Definition: The emotional or atmospheric quality.
  • Example: "atmosphere of mystery", "serene mood".


  • Definition: Specific lighting conditions or effects.
  • Example: "bathed in soft, natural window light", "dramatic shadows under a spotlight".


  • Definition: The angle or perspective from which the scene is viewed.
  • Example: "bird’s eye view", "from a low angle".


  • Definition: Prominent textures or materials visible in the image.
  • Example: "textures of rich velvet and rough stone".

Time Period

  • Definition: A specific era or historical period.
  • Example: "Victorian Era", "futuristic 22nd century".

Cultural Elements

  • Definition: Elements that reflect specific cultures or traditions.
  • Example: "inspired by Norse mythology", "traditional Japanese setting".


  • Definition: The expressed emotion if the subject is sentient.
  • Example: "expression of deep contemplation", "joyful demeanor".


  • Definition: Specifies the artistic medium or level of detail.
  • Example: "resembling a watercolor painting", "crisp digital rendering".


  • Guidance: Ensure prompts clearly specify subjects are clothed by describing the types and styles of garments, particularly when avoiding inappropriate content.
  • Example: "clothed in a Victorian gown", "dressed in modern casual wear".


  • Capabilities: Juggernaut has the ability to generate text, though accuracy decreases with sentence length and complexity. Use short, clear phrases enclosed in quotes to improve output.
  • Example:A Sign with the text “Peace” .

NSFW Content

  • Avoidance: Explicitly include terms to exclude inappropriate content due to the model's training data. Place sensitive terms in the negative prompts section.
  • Integration: Adding these terms in a prompt will create NSFW content.
  • Sensitive Tokens: "Naked", "Nude", "Vagina", "Penis (big, Long)", "Pussy", "Breasts (Small, Medium, Large)", "Testicles".

Token Bleed and Multiple Subjects

  • Challenges: When prompts combine multiple subjects or themes, there may be blending of elements, known as token bleed.
  • Solution: Be aware that multiple attempts might be needed to achieve desired separations in images depicting complex interactions like "Angel and Devil". While it may not always be possible to completely prevent token bleed, experimenting with various seeds and the arrangement of tokens in your prompt can enhance the likelihood of success.

Juggernaut X Hyper NSFW

  • Challenges: Managing nudity is particularly challenging with the Hyper model as it lacks support for traditional strong negative prompts.
  • Solution 1: To address this issue, it's crucial to include specific clothing items in your prompts. Despite these efforts, please be aware that accidental nudity may still occur. It's important to meticulously craft your prompts and remain cautious of this limitation when using the model.
  • Solution 2: By setting the CFG options to level 2, you can achieve limited influence using negative prompts.  This allows for a slight adjustment in the direction of the content. 
  • Solution 3: Use the Juggernaut X SAFE version available on RunDiffusion

Juggernaut X NSFW and Juggernaut X SAFE Settings

  • Sampling Method: DPM++ 2m Karras
  • Sampling Steps: 30-40
  • CFG: 6-7
  • Resolution: 1024x1024, 832x1216, 1216x832 (Others work but these are my favorites)
  • Possible Negative Prompt: Naked, Nude, fake eyes, deformed eyes, bad eyes, cgi, 3D, digital, airbrushed
  • Prompt Size: Do not exceed 75 tokens 

Juggernaut X NSFW Hyper Settings

  • Sampling Method: DPM++ SDE
  • Sampling Steps: Recommend 6 but 4-6 possible.
  • CFG: Recommend 2 but 1-2 possible.
  • Negative Prompt: None
  • Prompt Size: Do not exceed 75 Tokens
  • Tips: Use more tags with Hyper than the standard model.

Hires. Fix Settings

  • Denoising Strength: .25-.32
  • Upscaler: 4x_NMKD-Siax_200k
  • Hires steps: 0
  • Upscale by: 1.5 - 2


By strategically incorporating specific trigger words and detailed descriptions into your prompts, you can fully leverage the capabilities of Juggernaut X. This method not only clarifies the best prompting practices but also substantially improves the quality of the generated images, ensuring they align with or surpass your expectations. While Juggernaut X is adaptable to various prompting techniques, combining this detailed prompting method with tagging provides a solid foundation to embark on your creation journey.

Examples Prompts

Golden retriever in a lush green park, fur glistening under the soft afternoon sunlight, colors vivid green and golden, style realistic, mood serene, lighting natural and diffused, perspective close-up, texture soft fur and fresh grass, cultural elements joyful outdoor activity.

Fluffy Maine Coon cat in a sunlit forest, surrounded by vibrant greenery, colors deep greens and rustic browns, style natural habitat, mood peaceful, lighting filtered through trees, perspective ground level, texture thick fur and mossy ground.

Young woman reading a book in a cozy coffee shop, brunette hair cascading over her shoulders, colors warm browns and soft whites, style candid photography, mood relaxed, lighting natural light streaming through a nearby window, perspective over-the-shoulder, texture soft wool sweater and glossy wooden table.

High resolution Portrait of a stylish African woman in urban setting, short brunette hair, bold red lipstick, colors striking red and deep blacks, style modern fashion, mood confident, lighting high contrast with sharp shadows, perspective frontal view, texture leather jacket and smooth skin

Common Token list for Juggernaut X

This is not a complete list but some of the more common tokens in the captioning.

  1. alloy wheels
  2. active
  3. animal portrait
  4. automotive photography
  5. beard
  6. blonde
  7. blonde hair
  8. blue sky
  9. blurred background
  10. bokeh
  11. bokeh background
  12. brunette
  13. brunette view
  14. business
  15. business attire
  16. candid
  17. candid photography
  18. candid shot
  19. casual clothing
  20. casual style
  21. caucasian
  22. cinematic
  23. cityscape
  24. clean lines
  25. clear sky
  26. close-up
  27. cloudy
  28. confidence
  29. contemplative
  30. cultural attire
  31. curly hair
  32. daylight
  33. daytime
  34. depth of field
  35. depth of field
  36. dramatic lighting
  37. dusk
  38. dynamic pose
  39. earrings
  40. earth tones
  41. elegance
  42. facial hair
  43. fashion
  44. fashion
  45. fashion photography
  46. flexibility
  47. food photography
  48. forest
  49. freckles
  50. frontal view
  51. full body
  52. full body
  53. gaze
  54. greenery
  55. headshot
  56. high resolution
  57. high-resolution
  58. high-resolution image
  59. indoor
  60. intense gaze
  61. interior design
  62. jewelry
  63. joyful expression
  64. leisure
  65. leisure activity
  66. long hair
  67. looking at camera
  68. looking away
  69. makeup
  70. male
  71. man
  72. midshot
  73. minimalistic
  74. modern
  75. natural habitat
  76. natural light
  77. natural lighting
  78. natural makeup
  79. nature
  80. neutral background
  81. neutral color palette
  82. neutral colors
  83. outdoor
  84. outdoor setting
  85. overcast sky
  86. park
  87. parked car
  88. peace
  89. portrait
  90. reflection
  91. reflective
  92. selective focus
  93. serene
  94. serene
  95. serenity
  96. serious expression
  97. serious windows
  98. setting
  99. shadow
  100. sharp details
  101. sharp focus
  102. side profile
  103. side view
  104. smiling
  105. soft focus
  106. standing
  107. standing pose
  108. street
  109. studio
  110. studio portrait
  111. studio shot
  112. stylish
  113. stylish female
  114. subtle makeup
  115. sunglasses
  116. sunlit
  117. sunny
  118. traditional
  119. travel destination
  120. trees
  121. urban setting
  122. vertical composition
  123. vibrant colors
  124. warm color palette
  125. warm lighting
  126. warm tones
  127. white background
  128. white shirt
  129. wildlife
  130. woman
  131. wooden table
  132. wristwatch
  133. young adult
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